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Osra West


dylan olson

Osra West and dylan olson

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Our Story

They met the old fashioned way: outside of a bar, after a rock show, when Dylan’s date bummed a cigarette off of Osra. Osra admired Dylan's Neville Brother's shirt and Dylan admired Osra's lipstick. They agreed to meet at the band's after party (after Dylan took her date home) and later exchanged numbers under a street light with the promise to get into some trouble together soon. Soon took a few months to arrive, despite Osra’s attempts at summoning spells, but after a drag show, noodles, and a candlelit bar, the fire was lit and there followed a year of art, travel, and getting to know one another.

Then came the pandemic. Anyone working in healthcare at the time knew that our chances of this lockdown blowing over in two weeks was unlikely. They decided to do what anyone newly in love and highly optimistic does: move in together. That year also saw them adopt two cats (Blanche and Winnie), attend protests for racial justice, road trip to Nevada to avoid wildfire smoke, and weather the first waves of Covid. Through every bit of it, they made each other laugh every day and were delighted by how easy it was to live together.

In October of 2020, under the guise of a much-needed getaway, Dylan and Osra traveled to Kauai, where Dylan had planned to propose. After days of attempting to find the perfect spot, Dylan decided to wait for Osra to unknowingly pick one. One rainy day, during a quiet hike on Sleeping Giant, Osra stopped to take a picture with a pinhole camera. As Orsa was counting out the seconds for the shot, Dylan teasingly threw out random numbers. Osra laughed and leaned in for a kiss, saying, "I love you." Dylan grinned and seized her moment: "I love you too. Will you marry me?" To which Osra responded, "Yes. What? Wait, are you serious? Ask me again!" Dylan asked again, Osra said yes again and the two had all of the major wedding plans decided by the following afternoon.

The Sleeping Giant was lovingly overexposed, of course, but it has since been framed and makes them smile whenever they pass it.